• About Us

    Hicks Group possesses an eclectic approach to each client’s emotional and psychological well-being. Our practice is multidimensional and our staff is highly skilled with a wide-range of experiences and achievements. The many facets of our practice include individual and group therapy.

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  • Practice Mission/Vision

    Our mission is to provide an alternative mental health service which focuses on the overall mental, emotional, body, and spiritual wellness. Our goal is to have a multi-dimensional approach in our counseling, staffing, coaching and consulting services. Bringing about personal growth, dignity.

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  • Practice Overview

    Trust, understanding, acceptance, and compassion are what you will find at the Hicks Group practice. In return we expect your motivation willingness to work on yourself. We will give you useful exercises that you will practice outside of your therapy sessions so you can begin to build better boundaries.

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Seminar Programs Tailored To Your Needs

people seminarTaught by a variety of experts, our programs are designed to acknowledge and recognize the specific continuing education needs that will enable you to acquire knowledge, improve skills, and maintain your professional competence.

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Please download our Capability Statement that outlines our Facility, Customer, and Summary of Hicks Group. Click Here To Download PDF

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oceansThe team at Hicks Group takes a scientific yet holistic approach to all of the services we offer. We are dedicated to keeping up to date on all mental health issues and the treatment modalities and therapeutic trends associated with those issues. Our services are geared toward:

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