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Lelia E. Gibbs, LAC, 

Leila E. Gibbs, is a mental health therapist passionate about her client's motivation towards self-discovery and change. Through counseling, Ms. Gibbs believes that clients can re-discover the control they can have over their lives and can gain an understanding of where they want their life to transcend. She believes more often than not, client’s can begin to feel a sense of feeling “stuck” when something in their life is not working anymore. However, recognizing what is perpetuating these feelings are not always so apparent.

Ms. Gibbs's therapeutic techniques help reveal the “root” of the issue. Her techniques include but are not limited to motivational interviewing and cognitive-behavioral therapy. “Our therapeutic relationship is essential to helping you feel safe, and to overcome the most difficult realities that need to be addressed for you to see and feel real change. She has always had the natural ability to help those around her feel comfortable, and continuously strives to innovate and enhance her abilities. 

She is a Rider University alumnus, where she obtained her bachelor's degree in Sociology, and her master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling. She has joined Chi Sigma Iota of the National Counseling & Academic Honor Society during her academic pursuits. She has her license as an associate counselor under direct supervision by Dr. Hicks. Additionally, she is a nationally certified counselor. 
Her professional mission is to discover and innovate ways to strengthen the therapeutic relationship between counselor and client, to promote client’s motivation and awareness to aid in them overcoming their issues. 
"Ultimately, I believe we can control our own narratives, how our story ends, and what we want our lives to feel, look, and become once you and I get to the root of the issue. But discovering the root can be an insurmountable task to even begin to bring to our own awareness, especially when trauma, anxiety, and depression are at play. Through motivational interviewing techniques, elements of cognitive behavioral therapy, and rational emotive behavioral therapy assisting you to discover what empowers you to feel emotionally, physically, and spiritually inept is in my therapeutic capabilities to help you flourish and conquer what ails you. “



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